Terminator 3 revisited



[This is a rather casual entry.]

Rewatched T3.  Script is sound in most places, and more developed than the others, but spends a great deal of time – the entire film, in fact – simply covering its ass by making sure it stays true to the haphazard plot deviations introduced in the second film.  The film becomes inane and silly at times, which is not entirely unwelcome given the gloomy gravity of the Terminator story.  Unfortunately, this gravity is what brings people into the theaters in the first place – it’s judgment day, after all, it doesn’t get much bigger.  T3 lacks epic scope, but I don’t really mind having a ‘light jaunt Terminator film’ in the franchise’s ranks.  It would’ve happened sooner or later.  “Epic” is where Cameron succeeds, despite his being a conventional, Spielbergian boob when it comes to writing and aesthetics.  But epic may be why we go to the movies in the first place (when we do go).  I find the ideas presented in T3 very fun, and know they could’ve made one hell of a thriller – at the 2/3 mark, its announced that launch detonation codes for the nuclear apocalypse will be entered in under 3 hours.  Tell me that isn’t an incredible countdown.  But does that film feel nearly as exciting and dramatic as it could?  Not by a long shot, we all know.  Makes me wonder who could’ve done this script the way it was meant to be done.  Who is the most capable director of genre films, specifically thrillers, out there…?  


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