Daily notes 2011-01

Currently watching: Bright Star

Currently watching: The Kids Are All Right
Alternate title: California Closets. Ha.

Currently watching: Black Sunday

Currently watching: The Lawnmower Man

Currently watching: Clean


Currently watching: The Last Picture Show
I wonder if they knew just how good this film is when they made it.

Currently watching: Imitation of Life
Melodrama, thy name is Sirk.

Well that’s about as wrenching as an ending gets.

Currently watching: The American
Well, it certainly wants to be Le Samourai. Beyond Out of Sight and Three Kings, I don’t know if George Clooney was ever cast appropriately. There are similarities to Cary Grant, but Clooney isn’t as talented.

And isn’t it just so terribly awkward to watch Clooney try to actually act? This is all he did in Solaris.

Re-watching: The Departed

Currently watching; Looker
There’s a reason Crichton’s career as a director never took off. Albert Finney is downright bizarre casting for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Crichton is incapable of getting a quality performance out of his actors, and the soundtrack is positively insufferable. Remember, this was the time when the layman was bamboozled and titillated by the emergence of computer power into mainstream existence… so we have these fanciful pulp stories, not unlike Hackers and similar “omniscient-power-through-internet” stories. Scanners incorporates some of these pulpy elements, but we’ll forgive that film much, much further!

Here we have a few shots of Finney dramatically hurled through the air via powerful punches from an invisible assailant.

Wow. I didn’t think 1981 could give me a film worse than Omen III… what a fool I was!

Currently watching: Coma
She’s so cool.

Currently watching: Anna Karenina (1935)
First taste of Garbo.

Realizing now (not because of this film, just because of repeated exposure to the story) that the parallel stories in the narrative demonstrates the difference between lifestyles based on consumption (Anna/Vronsky) and creation (Levin/Kitty). Well, let’s just say that I am placing this viewpoint on the story because its on my mind. Anna “plays the game” as a social creature and is a “confident connoisseur,” sort of getting by, as far as one can, on looks and taste. Levin is justifiably frustrated as a man trying to survive on his own terms in a society which stresses conformity. He can achieve little alone – finally wins Kitty, and his life begins to mend. Anna and Vronsky are idle forever and are driven mad by it.

Currently watching: Hamlet (1990)
The King of Infinite Space. I can imagine this film is hated by many, but I’m finding it to be quite good.