Daily notes 2011-02

Currently watching: Waiting for “Superman”
Guggenheim is one sentimental bastard. Just wish he’d be spending more time on the facts and less on manipulating our heartstrings – like they need to be manipulated. Like just looking plainly at the issue isn’t enough to create concern.

Currently watching: Secret Honor
I’m a little slooshy, and that may be the perfect way to watch this film, this man definitively rambling on and on.

My god. The public fascination with Nixon is just astounding. Did Stone’s Nixon, and it’s his best film, and its really really enjoyable for all sorts of reasons, only some of them having to do with Nixon himself. Rewatched Frost/Nixon, which is rather childish compared to these incendiary works. Nixon has achieved mythological proportions. Such public infamy… incredible. I suppose he is fascinating.

Currently watching: I Am Love
Pretty effing pretty. Elegant, duh. Reminds me of 2004’s Birth. I daresay even – Kubrickian? I don’t use that word, well, ever. It’s not, really, but it strives me to be, and is evident in the film grain. That and its casting of – Marisa Berenson! Maybe.

Very pretty but a bit slow and overserious. It’ll only be worthwhile if the payoff is very striking, which I do not expect. Did I mention sentimental? A bit.

Wow. The Sanremo “chase” was a bit bombastic.
I would also like to point out that I think Tilda Swinton is the best of Cate Blanchett without the Cate Blanchett qualities that can be subtextually overbearing… if anybody knows what I mean by that.

Currently watching: The Descent
Somehow this is the third film I’m watching by Neil Marshall, and I pray to freaking christ it’s the last.

Currently watching: Certified Copy
Juliette Binoche = ❤

Currently watching: I’m Still Here

Hm and this is the third one so far.

Puffy’s expression is our expression. Is there really a way to watch this film and not feel like time is just being wasted?

Calling it a “hoax” may be simplistic – though the word certainly does not NOT apply – but if it is, then all performance art is a hoax, and acting itself is a “hoax.” Which, of course, it is. But when Phoenix and Affleck simply walk out onto the street and use up people’s time, well, it’s more selfish than many people are prepared to handle. And it’s exploitative to commercialize the film and take people’s money. Yes, it’s a rather unscrupulous affair.


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