Daily notes 2011-03

Currently watching; The Bakery Girl on Monceau
Moral #1. What a creep!

Currently watching: Stalker
What can I say? but: finally.

The consistent imagery of decrepitude pervading the background of frames makes me think of Godard (mostly Weekend) with the addendum “…if he were interesting.” There’s actually a story moving past the social agenda… it’s merely dressing. Very pretty dressing.

Currently watching: The Magician

Currently re-watching: Vanya on 42nd St.

Currently watching: The Madness of King George

Currently watching: Bad Timing
Apropos, this is the third time I’m sitting down to try and watch it. Is Roeg fascinating? He might be. Something about the directness of his work always distracts me, removes the “movie” gloss(/glaze)? Or is it just the film stock of the 80’s…? And despite the success of Carnal Knowledge, I did not expect to find Art Garfunkel watchable. It’s remarkable that he makes that hairdo work. He’s pulling off a difficult and elusive role. The film is rather dense with suggestion. Not yet sure where it’s going.

Currently watching: Career Girls
Katrin acting very much like Christian Bale in The Fighter. The score is as saccharine as Terrence Blanchard.

I like the film very much, but the light jazz score is a bit hard to take.

Currently watching: Wild Man Blues
Been waiting for this.

Currently watching: Another Year
Oh, hell.

Currently watching: Claire Dolan
Antonionian alienation, nobody would disagree. I miss you Katrin… I really do.

This is a very strange film. Pacing, focus, Katrin… all off-kilter. Kerrigan makes his actors give those direct readings which reminds me a bit of Hartley, though Kerrigan’s universe may be slightly less decadent.

Currently watching: Make Way for Tomorrow

Currently watching: The Saddest Music in the World
Here we go.

Maddin is really too ridiculous, but it’s just so much more interesting and different than most of what’s out there. McKinney is such wonderful casting for a wholly selfish shitheel.
“Sadness is just happiness turned on its ass. It’s all showbiz!”

Currently watching: Morning Glory
Cute can, on occasion, make a film, and Rachel McAdams is smart casting in a role that requires that precisely.

Currently watching: Dead Presidents
Coming to like those Hughes boys. They’re not shit!

Ooooh, haven’t seen this before, the 2D close-up chase sequence in one take… good stuff!

Bombing of the Kurtz compound?

Rebirth. This Tate kid is very good.


Currently re-watching: Public Enemies
This smirk is what it’s all about.

Currently watching: From Hell
Ah, lovely, lovely… the mortician’s assistant immediately brought to a sibilant regurgitation – genuinely sounds like vile vomiting! – then he outright collapses. Seconds later the mortician himself…

And finally, at Depp’s mere mention of the corpse he just looked at the mortician is brought to foul sickness again, this time in close-up! Gothic melodrama, at least you bless us with Johnny and Katrin (RIP).