Daily notes 2011-07

Re-watching: A Place in the Sun
Highly attractive people aren’t so often out of luck.

Re-watching: The Godfather Part III
This is it.

Currently watching: The Naked Kiss
My god, look at those eyes.

Currently watching: The Importance of Being Earnest
I do love shit-eating grins and shit-eating grinners.

Currently watching: King Solomon’s Mines
26 solid minutes – from the first seconds of the film’s opening – of senseless and tongue-in-cheek action. A study in boredom.
Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Currently watching: My Man Godfrey

Currently watching: The Virgin Suicides
An Investigation into Girl, American Style. Sofia Coppola is a hipster – a Grand Duchess or an Archduchess, in the hierarchy. Dunst has never been sexier, I’m sorry to say. Image followed inexorably by:
You know, I can’t stop thinking of Quentin Tarantino (for good reason). They’re both clearly obsessed with popular culture, Q as a boy would be and S as a girl… I’m skeptical about labeling her as nearly so talented, though she is quite talented. So Sofia is Grand Duchess of the Hipsters (higher tiers include Archduchess, Vicereine, Queen and Empress). Yes, talented and at least a bit shallow. I’d rather watch her than plenty of other people. She also makes me think of Wes Anderson, and its hard to say who I prefer… she may be more beautiful, but Wes doesn’t take anything seriously and that’s quite relieving.

Jeez. However jaded I want to be, that’s a great shot.