Daily notes 2012-01

Currently watching: The Guard
Haha. Funny movie. The screenwriter may be mildly well-read, and takes any opportunity to brandish his knowledge. So far we’re got references to:

13:17: disses Oblomov (Goncharov) & Dostoevsky but compliments Gogol! (though he pronounces it “Go-guhl”)
16:03: Annabel Lee (Poe’s poem and pretty much the basis for the character of Lolita in the eponymous novel)19:35: Schopenhauer & Nietzsche, specifically Antichrist which they say “Every child knows”, heh. Bertrand Russell, Dylan Thomas…
Oh, and Cheadle’s character is from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Boo ya. Film was made 4 me.Hm, and Gleeson wants to go to Tupelo. Would I be reaching if that were a Nick Cave reference?
31:25: And now a reference to Rhodes Scholars…
The duties of two officers…1:07:40: Chet Baker!

Currently watching: Tyrannosaur
Aaaah… breathing a sigh of relief for some familiar ground after our daisy-filled hipster candyland. Heard a lot about this performance, and it is immediately evident that the hype is justified.Heh… if you’ve seen the film you’ll understand why this shot is somewhat delectable. We’re all just dying to see Our Man Mullen confront Our Other Man Marsan. We know it’s coming. We can’t wait.Jesus. A bit simple-minded but impactful.

Currently watching: The Future
A few mere seconds into the film and my blood is boiling. Why? I will try to understand. The word hipster doesn’t just come to mind, but is defined, apparently. No wonder they all deny membership. Are they just smart hippies? Focusing on minutiae and the tiny things we can control to make ourselves happy? I’ve known a few women like Miranda July and they tend to… scare me. I’d like to know why.
I’m really trying hard to restrain myself here. This particular shot is one of the many in which my blood, again, BOILS, my eyes roll, I mutter “oh my god.” I will try to understand. I will try to be patient.I have a natural resentment for those who only focus on “the little things,” but I won’t deny that as I age, I realize more and more that I must only focus on the moment. Are hipsters wise? They love acting like children, that’s for sure, without shame. I will try to understand that too. Even if I don’t understand why I’m trying.

OK, starting to get it. They pretend that they live without judgment or an interest in power. They’ve renounced power, or act like it. Until they turn 40 and need to survive… Total openness and a lack of judgment (which is a lie). Openness and creativity, they’re good things. Healthy things. Maybe we all have something to learn from hipsters.

I can say this much with confidence: this doesn’t fucking interest me. It’s literally the opposite of how I think, my laser-sharp critical mind. I tend to try to be as critical as possible, and also think of myself as open-minded… I imagine hipsters would not think of me that way.

One reviewer refers to Miranda’s “coy narcissism.” Now it’s starting to come into focus. These people are most certainly utterly self-absorbed. And every hipster I’ve met follows that definition – attention whores, all of them, maybe by definition.

Currently watching: The Keep
Wow, great locations! I just like Michael Mann more and more.

Just finished: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
God, the sight of this headline as the film’s final image creates maybe the happiest ending I’ve ever seen. Berlinger is a hero.

Currently watching: Hell and Back Again
The Oscar investigations continue.
…and the Power of God.

Currently watching: Bridesmaids
Two Oscar nominations right here. This is going to hurt.
Well, a Milwaukee film… from the perspective of a person who has driven down Milwaukee’s main freeway. How penetrating. Every opening credits location can basically be seen by standing on top of the Iron Horse hotel. Opening with a song you’d be ashamed to hear in a Starbucks, we have two utterly vacuous girls speaking candidly about weeners and yahoos. This frankness is what we’re looking for. Again… penetrating!

Currently watching: Jane Eyre
Swoon. And that’s not a bad shot, either.

Currently watching: Warrior
The word smoldering comes to mind.

The performances make it very watchable – until the story’s glaring contrivances merge.