Daily Notes 2012-09

Currently watching: Phantom of the Paradise
Early De Palma – ha.
Young Harper, yummy.

Just started: Married Life
Guess I’m giving Ira Sachs a go, whomever that is. Did Forty Shades of Blue earlier today and found it to be narratively competent but somewhat baffling aesthetically – not sure if Ira actually knows what he is doing. Paused after a few seconds into Sachs’s next feature, Married Life, to note my dubiety – dainty graphic designer opening credits sequence with pithy canned fucking American 50’s tune. Reminiscent of Intolerable Cruelty But I’ve been called reactionary once before, and would like to think I can be wrong…Twenty-two minutes in and let’s just say that, well, David was correct. Conventional production design, no energy fr

Currently watching: Lola Versus
Whew. In-fucking-sufferable. Comments section:
-Slumming, Greta?
-Hamish Linklater, you little twerp.
-Daryl Wein, you’re the lamest hipster in the room.
No pictures for this one.

Currently watching: The Belly of an Architect

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